Looking to Learn Photoshop?

Kitten and cameraWelcome to my new Photoshop editing site. This site is being built slowly, but it will pick up momentum and will gradually fill up with some really good information.

For now, I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite sites, BetterPhoto.  This is a great place to take all kinds of  online photography classes. The classes cover many aspects of photography, including using Photoshop.

Join me at BetterPhoto – FREE Photography tips

BetterPhoto offers numerous online photography courses. Learn on your own schedule or get feedback from a pro instructor. Share your photos in a gallery or website. Discuss photos and the creative art of photography with other like-minded photography enthusiasts around the world. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. (money back!) You can also build your online photo website, enter photography contests, and trade information with other photographers like yourself.
Find out more about interactive Photoshop classes here –  how these online photography classes work.
Or – check out some online self-paced courses.

On a separate topic – Photoshop World conference starts soon….. Learn more in the Photoshop announcements


Photoshop/Elements users: I learned a tremendous amount! I enjoyed the lessons and thought Kathleen Carr covered so much. Kathleen gave positive feedback and good comments to help me improve. She is patient and answered all my questions. Thanks, Kathleen, for a wonderful experience!” -Chris L. Holicek, student in Beginning Photoshop for Photographers

Keep an eye on the announcements,  posts and archives for further updates.

Please come back again as we add new content.

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